Our partners

Parvoz Tex LLC The company was founded in 2018 in the Bukhara region and currently employs over 100 people.
The company produces more than 30 types of modern high-quality towels, more than 10 designs of hygiene masks, towels and other products.

Domestic market:
The products are sold in the markets of all regions of Uzbekistan, including the markets of Kokand, Urgut and Tashkent.
External market:
Our products are exported to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
In addition, Parvoz Tex LLC is currently working on exports to Europe and Africa.

Bahmal Group is one of the largest textile producers in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Bahmal Group is a dynamically developing company, founded in 2005, uniting leading experts in its field. Today it unites 11 enterprises. Of these, 3 are textile, 6 are sewing, 1 is silk and 1 is in the textile industry. It is also possible to print in modern digital press using reactive paints. Currently, the company produces 53 million prints / dyed fabrics per year. In addition, the group boasts: ready-made products like sheets, kitchen towels, scarves, men's shirts, shirts and more. The company also has its own chain of retail stores across Uzbekistan.

DeLuxe Fabric

LTD. "Deluxe Fabric" is one of perspective companies of Uzbekistan. Adherence of parameters, qualitative raw material, modern equipment and highly skilled personnel, allow the factory produce high-quality products such as a diagonal, flannel, sateen, poplin, shirt fabrics (from the dyed yarn), fabric from lycra, spandex and etc. Following the changes of world tendencies of making and treatment of textile products our enterprise perfects the technologies and quality of service of customers. LTD. "Deluxe Fabric" supplies with the fabrics the wide circle of contractors located as in Uzbekistan so in a far abroad (Ukraine, Russia, Poland,Lithuania etc). Our factory constantly conducts a technical rearmament and modernisation of equipment, introduction of the most modern technologies and measures on in-plant training of personnel.