“PARVOZTEKS” LLC was registered on March 6, 2018 under number 586930 in Bukhara.
The head of the enterprise is Barotov Fayzullo Adizovich
PARVOZTEKS LLC is a part of Bahmal Group Corporation.
PARVOZTEKS LLC has more than 40 modern sewing machines and employs about 130 people.
The company produces more than 10 types of high quality finished products:
In particular, more than 15 types of men’s, women’s and children’s towels, waffle towels, modern hygienic masks, kitchen sets, special uniforms are produced, and in the future it is planned to produce bed sheets, T-shirts and other products.
The monthly workload of the enterprise in the production of towels is 1.7-2 million units.
The products manufactured by PARVOZTEKS LLC are exported to Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and are currently negotiating with Nigeria and Benin of the African continent and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. being carried out.
The company always supports its regular customers and always encourages new customers to cooperate.

Employees work